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Original Battery KB06XL for HP Laptop

$ 43   - ONLY -

  • SKU: 003735
  • Categories: Laptop parts - Laptop Batteries
  • Brand: HP
  • Type: Original
  • Power: KB06XL Laptop Battery Compatible with HP Spectre X360 15 Series
  • Status: Available

  • Compatible Part Numbers for HP Battery:
    902401-2C1, 902499-855, 902499-856, HSTNN-DB7R, HSTNN-DB8I, KB06XL, KBO6XL, TPN-Q179
  • Fit for HP Pavilion:
    15T-BL000, 15T-BL100, 15T-BL101NG
  • Warranty:
    1 Month Exchange/Warranty
  • Fit for HP Spectre X360 15-B Series:
    15-BL000, 15-BL000NA, 15-BL000NG, 15-BL001NA, 15-BL001NG, 15-BL002XX, 15-BL010CA, 15-BL012DX, 15-BL012DX, 15-BL018CA, 15-BL030NG, 15-BL031NG, 15-BL050NA, 15-BL050SA, 15-BL051NA, 15-BL051SA, 15-BL062NR, 15-BL075NR, 15-BL0XX, 15-BL108CA, 15-BL112DX , 15-BL150NA, 15-BL152NR, 15-BL1XX, 15T-BL100
  • Fit for HP Spectre X360 15-CH:
    15-CH011DX, 15-CH011NR, 15-CH011TX, 15-CH012NR, 15-CH012TX, 15-CH013TX, 15-CH015ND, 15-CH015NR, 15-CH020ND, 15-CH025ND, 15-CH031NG, 15-CH060NZ, 15-CH070NZ, 15-CH075NR
  • Fit for HP:
    2PG91EA, Z6K96EA, Z6K97EA, Z6K99EA, Z6L00EA, Z6L01EA, Z6L02EA
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